The type of tenancy is very flexible and tailored to each customer's needs. They can be divided into:

Immediate tenancy
This type of tenancy makes it possible for the client to rent existing objects that are fully prepared for use.

Tenancy with adjustments
In this case the owner of the property makes adjustments to the existing objects according to exact specifications of the clients. The adjustments can be financed by the property owner or the future tenant can participate in the costs of the changes. There’s also the possibility for the client to make the adjustments at his/her own expense. In such a case we guarantee an appropriately longer rental period that is taking into account the time necessary to get a return on the expenditure.

Construction of objects designated for rent
We can undertake the construction of new objects while taking into account clients’ requirements that result from their business activity. This type of tenancy is related with long-term rent as well as the eventual possibility of selling the object to the client (option to purchase).

Tenancy of land designated for construction 
It is possible for the client to lease land and realise intended investments with the option to purchase the leased land in the future.


Our offer:

  • Objects for storage, production, trade in all sizes, starting from 100 m2
  • Social/office space is an essential part of the storage are, adjustable to meet the requirements of the client
  • For expanding companies a future expansion of the chosen estate is possible
  • Unlimited parking space and large manoeuvring squares for trucks
  • All media provided
  • Phone network
  • 24-hour supervision and monitoring of the objects
  • Cleaning service available for rented premises
  • Public transportation in close proximity (bus lines and fast tram line)