Depot Acreage Description Photos
1.4 421.00 m2 Part of one-storey hall – one segment. D - 421,0 m2 with access to social area. Hall was built using reinforced concrete, level 0, non-dusty flooring, unheated. Height of hall: min. 4,63 m, max. 6,19 m, clear height of gates 3,54 m, one gate. Possibility to lease hardened ground next to hall. In addition to rent operating costs arise – according to meters.
2.2 150.00 m2 We offer rental ready , prepared to use separate storage area (approx. 150,0 m2) and office space ( an area of ​​approx . 50.0 m2 with the possibility of mergers and divisions rooms) with auxiliary surfaces at the new renovated office building. Our advantage is the large number of parking spaces and quiet and leafy surroundings.